Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Three word combinations #1

In an occasional series, where I thought I might try to break the gloom of living in McBroon's dreadful England, in which the New Labour government has forgotten why it was voted in and is now merely hanging onto power and trying to please its busy-body supporters with ever more draconian socialism, by trying to find the best three word combinations which most sum up what it means to live in this appalling soup of do-gooders, health fascists, and enviro-morons; and then later by finding their counter-factuals which can give us hope.

Now, I'm just going for a gambit here, but I will be very surprised if you can beat me on the negative front. Because the worst three-word combination in English, in England, which can sap the soul from the most stiff-upper-lipped of the denizens of Henry the V's isle, has to be:

"Bus replacement service"

Ye Gods, it brings tears to my eyes even typing it. Can you do better? I fear not.

So to balance this, what three words are the most refreshing and the most positive? Here's my opening gambit. Can you do better?

"Von Mises Institute"

Yes, it's a bit crawly-arse-bumlick, but what the heck. Those three words really do give me genuine hope that the English-speaking world will one day be rescued from socialism. Let's just hope it's in our lifetimes.


Gekko said...

"Let's just hope it's in our lifetimes."

Hmmm - surverying the current global zeitgeist may I humbly suggest my own three word offering:

"you'll be lucky"


Jack Maturin said...

Alas, I fear your sentiment is unfortunately correct. My own feeling is that it won't be until we escape from this planet that we will break from the stone age emotional stranglehold of socialism. However, as long as those of us of the true faith can keep having fun in the meantime, and preserving the ideas of Misesian liberlism, so that our ancestors can at least re-discover liberalism once they are out free amongst the stars, I shall sleep easy in my bed. Uncle Murray was, of course, of the opinion that our ideas are too fragile to be wrapped in too strong a chain of socialism, and should, say, a world socialist government come to pass in the form of the UN, its tyrannising effects will be so terrible to a free market of divided labour, that it will quickly collapse back down into a freedom-loving quilt-work of city states (eg. Hong Kong, Singapore, etc).

Well, that's the plan, anyway. In the meantime, I shall try to enjoy as many ski-ing holidays as I can, as many fast cars as I can, as many gin and tonics as I can, though alas, I'm a bit kiboshed on the fun-loving ladies front. I shall just have to make up for it with plenty of wind-surfing weekends on the south coast! :-)