Monday, September 03, 2007

The Utter Failure of All Socialist Bums

And while I'm in the mood, I must say on my long walk home tonight, I had to smile in a cavalier fashion when I thought about the latest news of unintended consequences on the government's food policy in their compulsory mental conditioning centres (a.k.a. state schools).

Apparently, forcing schools to force children to eat 'politically correct' rabbit food has sent swarms of children into town centres to look for fried Mars Bars and lard-dripping chips. Quelle shock! Just what on Earth did these morons expect?

No doubt the solution won't be to sack the legions of muppets in the government's department of education overseeing this idiocy, it will be to 'make' staying at school for lunch 'compulsory', and the appointment of yet more fools to snoop on the streets checking for 'renegade' lunch-time Mars Bar eaters.

What an utter shower.

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