Monday, September 03, 2007

Climate Changing Horror!

Apparently, the climate is changing. This is the first time this has ever happened. This is why the bloody term is shoved down my throat on virtually every single TV programme I can stomach watching, and why the term appears on every second page of every magazine and newspaper on the planet.


Though I must say, I had to laugh yesterday in Cheddar Gorge when a man dressed up as a neolithic flint knapper said, '...and seeing as we're in the middle of an Inter-Glacial period, it's going to get about 4 degrees warmer over the next thousand years, and then it's going to start getting much colder, and then we'll really hear all everyone start complaining...'.

If I believed in democracy, I would say 'Make that Man Prime Minister!', despite the heavy beard and the grubby fingernails. And he showed me some wizard flint arrow-heads too. What a star!

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