Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Size Matters

The Big One is on its way, all 875 pages of it. I recently ordered a copy of:

Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles
by Jesus Huerta de Soto

The tracking system in Auburn tells me that it's just been shipped. I have therefore posted my armed guards, 24 hours around the clock, to take delivery! I haven't felt this excited since a man knocked on the door to tell me the truck containing Man, Economy, and State had arrived. Fantastic.

You know, just like my favourite character in Neal Stephenson's Baroque series, Daniel Waterhouse, I sometimes feel that I am getting really very old indeed. Thank goodness for the Sugababes.


Unknown said...

Did you you think this was any good:

And how was that Gene Callahan lecture in the end? Did you put him right? ;-)

Jack Maturin said...

A very good book; though slightly deviationist on a pure Rothbardian 100% gold currency reserve front; though I can hardly speak, being a non-IP non-copyright Kinsellian. But a very good one-book synopsis of Austrianism. If they put it in a yellow cover and put 'Austrian Economics for Dummies' on the front, it would sell a lot more copies, but hey ho. I'd have to charge them my usual highly extortionate daily fee for them to accept that advice.

Alas, I missed Gene at his lecture. Now I turned up, with a copy of his book to sign, but he had sudden urgent family business back in the US to attend to, so he had to pull out. Maybe another time. I had to get one of the 'anonymous's to sign it, instead; though as he bought me a drink afterward, it can't be all bad.