Saturday, November 18, 2006

Beware the Gift of the Ancient Greeks

Who benefits from an Olympic Games coming to Britain? Athletes, sports companies, sports-broadcasting companies, airlines, hotel chains, politicians, hangers-on, leeches, parasites, construction companies, transport companies, Lord Sebastian Coe, His Majesty Ken Livingstone, and Uncle Tom State-Handout, indeed anyone who campaigned to bring the damn thing to Britain in the first place. And who pays? Yep, that's right pardner, me, you, and every other poor sap taxpayer who is going to be pushed up against the wall to have our wallets emptied to pay for all of the above to have their self-aggrandizing party.

And for what? Exactly?

For something most people will hardly be able to summon up the will to switch on and watch, because athletics as a sport is a joke because of the the never-ending speculation about who is on what drug and the question mark over every gold medal winner, with an unspoken assumption that they are all on drugs but somehow managed to figure out how to evade the current batch of drug testers, this time round. Pardon me for daring to breathe, but I have absolutely no interest in any Olympic event, especially now Matthew Pinsent has retired. And yet this still won't stop a motley crue of state-handout merchants helping themselves to my wallet, perhaps for the next fifty years, to pay off a gargantuan debt, virtually all of which they will be trousering themselves, especially that feckless self-satisfied oaf, Sebastian Coe, William Hague's very good friend.

So far the predicted cost of the British Games is £6 billion pounds, and rising, after an initial guesstimate of £2.3 billion; though let's face it, we all know £10 billion is about the least this rotten party is going to cost, and I wouldn't die of shock if it headed more into the £15 billion pound range. With socialist ministers claiming that they won't even know the final cost until after the event is completed - so much for the predictive wonders of socialist state planning - let's add on another £3 billion for fun, and round it up to £18 billion pounds. Every single penny, of course, making the huge £1 billion pound waste on the Millenium Dome look like a mere playful bagatelle of loose change.

Oh well. It's only other people's money. And if they won't pay, I'm sure the Bank of England can print it all up, instead. Thank goodness for state control of the money supply.

No doubt it will also rain torrentially throughout the entire event, and that will be blamed on the global warming brought on by ... errrr ... all the athletes and officials flying to the event from ... errrr ... that can't be right? Well, I'm sure it'll probably end up as my fault. I should be taken out and shot and then my estate should be subjected to a special environmental law claiming 100% death duty tax imposition upon all climate change belief refuseniks.

Oh to be in England.

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