Friday, June 23, 2006

Bank of England Independence

George Trefgarne, of the Daily Torygraph, usually writes splendid pieces for this least bad offering of the English statist press, but for some reason he seems to think the Bank of England is in some way independent.

Chancellor is pulling the Bank's strings

I hate to ever say a bad word about the redoubtable Mr Trefgarne, but the Bank of England is a wholly owned and controlled subsidiary of the British government whose only purpose is to continually increase the money supply of fiat paper in this country to enable to British government to keep stealing our money. That's it. It has no other reason to exist.

If Mr Trefgarne doubts this, he really ought to read some more Murray Rothbard:

What Has Government Done to Our Money?


Julius Blumfeld said...

"more" ? Has he read any?

Jack Maturin said...

Well, I keep sending him letters and emails with all sorts of links in them, and SOMETIMES he even replies! :-)

But, alas, I fear he hasn't actually troubled himself with reading how the government has stolen our money. It's obviously far too complex a piece and beyond the understanding of intelligent men.

And if your world view is built around such concepts as 'The Independence of the Bank of England', probably far too dangerous a document to read, to boot! ;-)