Friday, October 08, 2010

The Maturin World Tour

I am currently engaged in an extensive world tour of all the world's finest Shiraz, Pinot, and Gewurztraminer grape wineries.

I may be some time.

In the meantime, you may like to follow England's other source of Austrian-related information:

=> The Cobden Centre

Cheers, and Pip pip!!


Steve Baker said...

You certainly deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Captain Oates

You are my hero

But you mustn't abandon your country

Anonymous said...

> But you mustn't abandon your country

Why not? It's just a statist construct. One of the worst statists in this island's history, Alfred of Wessex, created England, and the absolute worst statist in this island's history, William the Norman Bastard, gave us the English flag as he proceeded to kill a third of the population who dared to oppose him.

Though it's a moot point. I'm stuck here for reasons too boring to explain.

I would rather be in Singapore. Though I do wish they would install some outdoor air conditioning! :-)


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