Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Through The Looking Glass

Do you notice anything strange about the two following sets of photos? Let's start with set one, from China:
China 20 years agoChina today

Compare the China set above with a related photo set from New York, below:
New York 20 years agoNew York today

Yes, that's right. We have a bicycling communist nation emerging into motorized capitalism, followed by a motorized capitalist nation emerging into...well, what exactly? Bicycling environmentalism? Well, while wearing a good set of Maturin glasses (patent unapplied for), it seems fairly obvious what the conclusion to all this might be:

Environmentalism really is Communism


cuthhyra said...

Although it is worth noting that a truely capitalist society is unlikely to have traffic jams, since extensive queues are a general hallmark of socialism, i.e. insufficient price/cost information. Then again, I take your point, socialists like to stamp out personal freedom (in this case the car) where-ever they find it!

Jack Maturin said...

Point noted about traffic jams with private roads - wherever there's a queue you'll usually find socialism lurking somewhere behind the scenes! :-)

Come on Mises.org, get Professor Block's new book out, please, on private roads, as soon as you can? At the current price of over £70 pounds from the first publisher, it's still way beyond my personal utility threshold.

Until Mises manage to smuggle the book out in a reasonably priced form, a good link is this: