Monday, December 26, 2005

Britain's New Golden Age of Prosperity

There are only three programs I watch regularly from the BBC. These are Match of the Day, Top Gear, and Doctor Who. Yes, I know I shouldn't watch anything from the BBC, to keep my mind cleansed from this Guardian-reader tax-supported filth, but mea culpa; we all have our crosses to bear.

The new Doctor Who, David Tennant, is good. And I loved the Arthur Dent reference in the first episode of the new series.

But just where does the BBC get its scriptwriters from? It's either direct from Crooked Timber, or the philosophy graduate club at the Guardian Newspaper. It surely isn't from, or anywhere else economic sense is spoken.

For instance, did you notice in the opening episode that the new Prime Minister had introduced a new golden age of prosperity to Britain. It seemingly hadn't taken this politician long to generate this land of cornucopia, so what was the proof? Yes, Billie Piper's mother now had an extra £18 pounds a week in benefit from the government.

Oh yea; hail the government, font of all wealth and wisdom. All it takes is a new regulation, and more government power, and, lo, extra benefits can be handed out to all and sundry whom are deemed worthy of such gifts. And where does this wealth come from, pray? Well, the scriptwriters don't bother explaining that mere bauble of economic reality. People living in government high rises now have more benefit, drawn from the ether, and now Britain is entertaining a new age of prosperity. Why hadn't any government worshippers in the past realised how simple this was? Everything Trotsky said about utopia can now be realised, as the philosopher stone secret of how to make the stupidity of socialism actually work, seems to have been discovered by a fictional BBC-inspired government.

You might think I'm being a bit melodramatic about this blatant pro-government economic voodoo from a blatant pro-government organisation like the BBC, but I just want Doctor Who to go around sorting out Cyborgs, and Daleks, and Sea Devils. If any Doctor Who scriptwriters ever get to read this, can you leave the trendie leftie political brainwashing at home please, and simply leave us with decent science fiction. Is this too much to ask? I am forced, at the point of a gun, to pay your wages. Is it too much that I can ask you to leave just three BBC programs free of your moronic government-worshipping bias? Just three?

Do what you like to Eastenders, because thank the Lord I never see it, or the other 300 rubbish BBC TV series you all create to mind blast the proles, but please could you leave Doctor Who alone? I thank you.


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